Cat Grooming

Why us:
-we love grooming cats
-certified feline master groomer
-speedy 1hr service, less stress for cats
-no sedation
Service and price:
  • 120+ Lion cut

    • shaving a/o saving head/tail puff/legs,

    • bath,

    • nail trim,

    • ear cleaning,

    • face trim for certain breeds

  • 130+ Lion cut variations

    • same as lion cut

    • but length can be customized

  • 80 Bath package for Shorthair

    • shampoo bath,

    • drying,

    • nail trim,

    • ear cleaning,

    • sanitary trim,

    • deshed brushing

  • 90 Bath package for Longhair

    • same as shorthair bath,

    • brushing is different

  • 60 Kitten special (8 months or under)


  • teeth brush 10,

  • matting/pelting fee 15+

  • travel fee, please call for quote (647)989-0371


  • 10 credit for referral,

  • 20% off first groom if you adopted from a registered shelter(with proof).

  • Prepay 10 grooms, get up to 10% off (subject to groomer's approval)


  • How long does it take to groom my cat? --Usually an hour or less, for difficult cat expect 1-2hrs.

  • Is it better to bring my cat or do a house call? --Each cat is different, some behaves better out of home, while some are opposite, if you don't know yet, talk to me first.

  • Can cat be washed? My cat never had bath before.--Yes cat can be washed, and lots of customers are surprised to see how clean their cat can be. In extreme cases, our bottom line is not to stress him/her out, and we will report to owner how the kitty reacted. Senior cats, cats with long term illness, please advise, and we will be extra careful!

  • I'm allergic to my cat.--I can help you! Many customers routinely shave their cat or have them bathed, and their allergy is under control! Instead of giving your cat away, try us first!

  • Vet said my cat doesn't need bath.--Vet doesn't groom, and dirty is not a illness for them to diagnose. If cats don't need to be groomed, we've lost our job already and you won't be seeing this website:)

For more questions, please call/txt Rachel, 6479890371, thanks for your business!