Old groomer, new blogger

My first job after I went to McGill, was bathing dogs.

I worked in an animal clinic, my boss had been grooming as a contractor in that clinic for almost 50 years, she was away for some years but came back obviously. I loved this job so much, for me it was so much more interesting than reading endless scientific publications and doing somewhat meaningless researches if I were to go on to pursue a graduate degree. It was simple, just bathing dogs, I loved it, and did it for almost 2 years.

That was year 2008, and now it's been 11 years, so much had happened, and yet I simply can't stop doing dog-related works, and yes of course I became professional, and experienced through all those years.

Here I am, an "old" groomer, starting a new blog, and hopefully I can tell you about my stories, also record them for myself to look back after another 10 years, and hope you'll like what I will write, and tell me what you think.

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