Dog Boarding


  • 3 pee breaks, morning, noon, evening (usually more than 3 breaks)

  • 2 play sessions, morning, afternoon (sometimes evening also)

  • training by certified trainer can be added for extra charge, only positive method used.

  • separation between different sizes, or different energy levels, when necessary.

  • pictures/videos

  • feeding according to owner’s instruction (you’ll need to bring food)

  • pickup/drop off if needed


  • Proof of up-to-date vaccinations, (including kennel cough vaccination)

  • 10% deposit at time of booking, up front payment at drop-off

  • One free assessment meeting with the dog (new client only)


  • 25 under 20 lbs

  • 30 21-40 lbs

  • 35 41-100 lbs

*excessive barking, special needs, puppies may be extra, price can be determined at assessment.

*count initial and last day as 2 separate days, not counting 24hr periods, for example: drop off Monday, pick up Tuesday, will be considered 2 days; drop of Monday, pick up Sunday, will be 7 days. 


Package and discounts:

  • Buy 10 days, 5% off

  • Buy 20 days, 10% off

  • For consecutive 30 days and more, 20% off


Add-on service:

  • 10 Walk along the lake 20min

  • 20 Hike in the woods (many trail options 5-10min away) 30min+