About us

Mission statement:

We thrive to utilize our skills and knowledge, to make clients' pets more enjoyable: look better, behave better, communicate better.

Also, by educating the general public, by volunteering, we promote spay&neuter, adoption, and responsible pet ownership.

We take pride in our work, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Special designations:

Rachel Wang

CFMG-Certified Feline Master Groomer

KPA CTP-Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner

Owner of 2 dogs, 2 cats

Yan Wang

KPA CTP-Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner

Owner of 1 black Labrador Retriever (picture on the right)

Service Areas:

Markham, North York, Richmond Hill, Aurora, New Market

Stouffville, Uxbridge, Scarborough

For accurate quote, please call (647)989-0371

3 Service Methods:

1. You're welcome to bring your animal to us in Stouffville

2. We pickup/drop off

3. We come to groom at your home (we'll bring tools and use your bathtub or utility sink)

General Policies:

  1. By appointment only—usually we do not provide same day service, unless for special circumstances, subject to emergency fee.

  2. For pickup appointment, our general pickup time is 8-10am, drop-off time is 5-7pm. When booking the appointment, please specify if you have specific preferences, we’ll let you know if we can or cannot accommodate. Please understand that it’s hard to give exact arrival time, because of traffic, and also we never rush the job, we want your dear cat/dog to be relaxed and happy as much as possible. We do call/txt you 30-60 min before arriving.

  3. For in-house appointment, it’ll be either first thing in the morning, about 9-10am, or in the afternoon, after we finish our pickup appointments. Please call to discuss the best arrangement.

  4. Cancellation must be notified 24hr in advance. Cancellation with less then 24hr notice, for the first time, $10 fee will be added to next appointment; for the second time, payment upon booking is required; Cancellation without notice/no show, $20 fee will be added to next appointment, and payment upon booking is required for all future bookings.

  5. Please be as specific as possible when communicating about your desired look of your pet, we will always ask “how would you like the haircut” upon pickup. Feel free to send us photos or instructions. We try our best to achieve it. And when dropping off, even after dropping off, if you’d like to make some change (realistic change please), within One Week, it’s Free. 

  6. Rabies vaccination must be up-to-date.

  7. Please notify us any possible allergy, possible aggressive behaviour, previous surgeries and/or illness. This is for the best of both your pet and our groomer.

"I love my cat(Simba) very much but I know how difficult he can be. He is very aggressive towards groomers. In the past my only choice was to have him sedated at the vet in order to groom him. I am so glad Rachel and Vivi from WM Pet Grooming were able to successfully groom Simba without any sedation. In fact he seemed very calm and relaxed by the end. I would highly recommend WM Pet Grooming to anyone! Thank you, Rachel and Vivi, very much for your patience and hard work!​"

Sangave San, Simba's owner


"Absolutely the greatest groomers in the Markham!! Rachel and Vivi are lovely helpful groomers that are full of energy and smiles. Every time coming to our house, they finish their work efficiently since they know the real wants and needs of us.

They're experienced professionals and genuinely love their work! I really recommend them~"  ​

Cindy Chen, Chouchou & Dandan's owner